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Hudson Freelance ensures you can continue to contract your services without any risk whatsoever that HMRC will overturn your employment status – and hand you a huge bill for tax avoidance.

HMRC has firmly set its sights on freelancers

If you work through your own limited company – often referred to as a personal service company – it’s going to get much tougher to maintain your self-employed status and avoid PAYE.

An upcoming change in the IR35 rules that determine whether you are taxed as a business or as an employee means clients will need to decide how you should be taxed – with the risk of backpayments and fines if HMRC subsequently decides they’ve made an incorrect decision.

Faced with the threat of huge financial risk, many clients will understandably proceed with extreme caution.  As a result, you may well find yourself being taxed as an employee, even where there is compelling evidence that you are operating as business, outside of IR35.

Couldn’t happen to you?  Perhaps you might want to talk to contractor colleagues in the public sector, where these rules have been in place since April 2017 . . .

Against this backdrop of increased risk for those who wish to be self-employed, Hudson Freelance offers a straightforward solution:  a watertight contract that clearly demonstrates you are legitimately self-employed.  No ifs, no buts, no complex arrangements, piles of paperwork, or sleepless nights.  Just peace of mind for both you and your client.

Hudson Freelance has been designed to meet the specific needs of freelance technicians, consultants and professionals.  There is absolutely no danger of being accused by HMRC of ‘disguised employment’ or getting an unexpected tax demand.

When you contract with Hudson Freelance, your self-employment status is guaranteed.

Employment status is never a matter of choice; it is always dictated by the facts and when the wrong tax is being paid we put things right.




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