How it Works

The Hudson Freelance service enables you to outsource the responsibility of employment status justification and – importantly – eliminates the expensive risk of getting employment status wrong.

HMRC compliance is essential and with Hudson Freelance it's guaranteed

HMRC’s employment status rules and regulations are enormously and increasingly complicated.  By contrast, Hudson Freelance is user-friendly and easy to understand. 

In essence, we take full responsibility for satisfying all of HMRC’s self-employment requirements to ensure consultants are legitimately self-employed.  Or in other words, we shift the responsibility from you and your people to ourselves, providing you with a comprehensive service of workplace audit, contract administration, and payroll.

  • Hudson Freelance determines the nature of the engagement, with a starting point of justifying self-employment status to HMRC.
  • Hudson Freelance responds to questions raised about the nature of the engagement between the freelancer and the client company.
  • Hudson Freelance contracts the service provided by the freelancer, taking payment instructions from client companies and making those payments under the correct tax treatment whilst reporting to HMRC.

Here’s an overview of our service in action:

  1. Hudson Freelance begins with an appraisal of the workplace circumstances to audit the terms of the work offered and the place and manner in which tasks are to be performed and delivered.
  2. We then contract the service being provided under the correct – and proven – contract.
  3. Decisions such as the basis of payment are negotiated entirely between a consultant and the business concerned, rather than Hudson Freelance.
  4. Once the agreement has been drawn up, it is signed by all parties.
  5. Clients send payment instructions to Hudson Freelance via our bespoke payroll software.
  6. We process your instructions and confirm with payment advice by text, email and client invoice.

The process of self-employment justification also includes three subsequent and separate workplace audits.

Before the service begins, consultants may need to make one change in order to benefit from the guaranteed security of Hudson Freelance. 

Given that continued use of personal service companies may lead to serious tax issues in future, we contract exclusively as sole traders, and require freelancers to have professional indemnity and public liability insurances in place.

After the initial workplace circumstances audit is complete we can usually confirm the consultant’s employment status as self-employed with zero tax deduction.  Then, when the paperwork is complete, consultants are free to decide whether they prefer to take payments in full, or to utilise Hudson Freelance’s secure facility to set-aside a percentage of earnings for tax to be paid in due course.  And of course, since they are legitimately self-employed they can continue to claim a variety of expenses and allowances.