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22 years experience, 2,500 clients and currently 37,000 freelancers in the workplace

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Hudson Freelance is a new service with roots that stretch back across twenty-two years of consistent compliance with tax and employment law. 

We are part of Hudson Contract Services Ltd, set up in 1996, to serve the needs of the construction industry, and its entitlement to use freelance builders across all trades without falling foul of HMRC’s ever-changing tax and employment requirements. 

Today, we act on behalf of over 2,500 firms throughout the UK to contract the services provided by more than 38,000 freelance builders.  We have never lost an HMRC status case.  Equally, we have never lost an employment tribunal case, and have accumulated sixteen employment tribunal judgements in our favour over the years.

Since inception, we have defended our business model through two Tax Commissioner hearings and at a High Court appeal.  The outcome?  We have three judgements in tax law in our favour and subsequent acceptance of our processes and justification by HMRC. 

The latest of these came when the Hudson Freelance service was accepted on 29th May 2018, on conclusion of a Business Risk Review undertaken by HMRC’s Large Business Unit in Newcastle. 

It means we can now confidently invite you to join the growing number of private sector companies that are choosing Hudson Freelance to facilitate safe self-employment for consultants.  And that if we cannot at any time justify the employment status, it is Hudson Freelance – and no-one else – who will pay. 

To put it in plain English, we have been through the legal process to demonstrate that what we do at Hudson Freelance is legitimate, so you don’t have to.

David Jackson, Founder & Chairman, Hudson Contract Services Ltd

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